Scented Quote of the Day, from Justin Timberlake:

Singer Justin Timberlake speaks during the 23rd annual American Cinematheque show honoring Samuel L. Jackson held at Beverly Hilton Hotel on December 1, 2008 in Beverly Hills, California.

So we know Justin Timberlake does not like the idea of having a signature fragrance added to the celebs scents pool. He however is the face for Play and Play Intense by Givenchy which he wears apparently from time to time because girlfriend Jessica Biel is reported to like how it smells on him.

Here is what the singer had to say about how he got into the Givenchy fragrance deal and what his basic perfume-wearing philosophy is. In this respect he is a spiritual cousin of Matthew McConaughey...

"The first conversation was hilarious, because I said, you know what? Actually, I don't wear cologne that much.

[Insert unphased expression on the Givenchy marketing people's faces here]

I think honestly they took it as a challenge to create something that I would really want to wear.

[Could this be true? Is Timberlake saying they adapted the scent's composition to his tastes rather than to a focus panel?]

I sort of feel like nothing should take away from pheromones, because it's been chemically proven that those are the most attractive scents on people.

[Who knew? We are to ourselves and to other genetically receptive noses our very best perfumers, and it's free! Who needs the perfume industry? We are walking pheromone manufacturers.]

I'm sort of a minimalist, quintessential male."

[What's the minimum here? Deo?, Soap? Only wearing perfume when you get a juicy deal? Sissies wear perfume.]

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