Bath & Body Works P.S. I Love You (2009) -- The Love Trend {New Perfume} {Trend Alert}

PS-I-Love-you.jpgTrend Alert: Fragrances' Semantic Love Affair with Love in the Fall of 2009

Bath and Body Works have added a new scent to their Signature Collection called P.S. I Love You.

Love is apparently in the air this fall because you can also expect to have to decide if you prefer this perfume or the upcoming Love The Body Shop. A bit more up-market, you will have further the option of an In The Mood for Love by Gianfranco Ferre or Idylle by Guerlain which translated into English means Love Affair. JLo is also tapping into our sentimental selves with My Glow (that of fulfilled motherhood). Last spring we had a Love by Nina. This summer there was L'Amoureux by D&G. More subtly put, we also have L'Humaniste by Frapin this autumn that is, the lover of mankind...
Apparently, this is one way out of bleak times and it's comforting to know some perfumes hold that promise. During the Depression of 1929, perfumes' semantic hold on our dreams hit rock bottom with one of the most, literally, depressing fragrance names in history: Mon Seul Ami by Isabey (My Only Friend by Isabey). Maybe that was even true for some people. This is telling you that the period we are crossing right now is not that bad. Somehow, we still have the energy to hope for love or express love. We only need more cuddliness and tenderness and to re-state the message of love.

Meanwhile reading the notes of P.S. I Love You, it sounds a bit like a relative to Baby Phat Golden Goddess (not sold anymore on the brand's website), except here you do not have Champagne but rather an accord of White Riesling, blended nevertheless with golden amber and incense. Ah yes, there is also a rose accord as the flower is meant to symbolize love, as always.

  • Fragrance Top Notes: Fresh Citrus, Lychee, Peony, Yellow Rose, Sparkling Riesling
  • Fragrance Mid Notes: Scarlet Velvet Rose, Orchid, Purple Lilies, Jasmine, Hypnotic Incense
  • Fragrance Base Notes: Creamy Sandalwood, Patchouli, Golden Amber, Musk

  • A 2.5 fl.oz of Eau de Toilette is priced at $29.50

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