Etat Libre d'Orange will Release Tilda Swinton & Josephine Baker Perfumes {Fragrance News}


We have the scoop on exciting celebrity fragrance news from French label Etat Libre d'Orange. As we indicated early on in the process, indie perfume brands have become increasingly interested in the celebrity fragrance market, just like the big dogs, so to speak (Coty, Avon, Parlux, Elizabeth Arden/Unilever...).

You have to realize that this is a fun way to take a second, closer critical look at the notion of being an "independent" niche house, when you see that the movement was initiated by major fragrance labels first and that indies followed the lead. But as noted earlier, indies tend to pick celebrity personalities that are relatively more underground and quirky (as compared to Britney Spears, still quirky admittedly, and JLo)...


Expect to see a perfume inspired by Joséphine Baker in March of 2010. This is the second perfume inspired by the legendary dancer and exotic beauty as she was perceived to be in the 1920s after Byredo Bal d'Afrique in the recent period. Josephine Baker in her era did launch her own fragrances, but none have survived as a brand today.

Next, Etat Libre d'Orange is currently working with actress Tilda Swinton on her signature fragrance. This is bound to excite the curiosity and interest of many people from the fashion world, film world, beauty one not to mention the perfume world. Great choice! Swinton is renowned for her very individual sense of style. We hope this will be translated effectively into a great Tilda Swinton scent. The perfume is said to be set for a summer 2010 launch.

Both perfumes names have not been disclosed but are said to be "quirky" and "witty".

Etat Libre d'Orange have already released two official celebs scents: Rossy de Palma and Tom of Finland. Fat Electrician is unofficially inspired by an underground gay celebrity as well (don't ask me more -- trademark issue).

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  1. Great article. Its great to hear that indie perfume fragrances are on the rise.


    • Thanks. Yes, one could see it that way I suppose. Tilda Swinton is very happening as they say.

      Chant Wagner

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