Perfumes Hedone EAU-MO Eau de Toilette Pour Gay (2009) {New Perfume}

Last fall in November 2009 Spanish label Perfumes Hedoné introduced a fragrance dedicated to gay men called EAU-MO and subtitled Eau de Toilette Pour Gay.

"The smell of things is the only unequivocal proof that the soul exists.

Cedar smells like cedar; it smells like the spirit of youth. The bitter orange and lemon smell like summer afternoons; the sage, sleepless nights. And new smells are born when these different souls subtly and deliberately interlace. EAUMO smells like the first time. An endless journey, a cold shower, an unmade bed. It smells of the man we are inside, the man we'd like to be." ...

The scent is described as an oriental fougère. Going by the list of notes, the composition does not seem to want to play up any quirks. Top notes are bitter orange, bergamot, lemon, cardamom; heart notes are neroli, salvia, geranium, nutmeg; base notes are amber, cedar, musk, vanilla.

Other fragrances marketed more or less directly to gay men include Etat Libre d'Orange Tom of Finland; Michael Todd Swingle Man Seeking Man; Cumming by Alan Cumming; Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male. I know, the latter proposition is a bit odd since it's a masculine bestseller in the best possible mainstream sense, but you know what, the iconography always makes me think of Fassbinder and Querelle de Brest.

EAU-MO is priced at €38 and €58. 1€ from each bottle sold goes to research against AIDS.

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