Revlon Bling Bling (2010): A Bling Fest is an Oh-So-Popular Concept These Days {New Fragrance} {Trend Alert}

Revlon has launched a new perfume called Bling Bling which is especially targeting the Spanish-speaking markets judging from their Facebook page which details the information about the new perfume in Spanish.

The scent is said to be the love child of Hip Hop culture and that of the ostentatious luxury of Hollywood. It is about a world "where more is better."

The composition is given as a vanilla perfume with a touch of exotic fruit....

An original rack of Hip Hop and Rap bling jewelry, via

The Eau de Toilette is also said to be sexy and sophisticated opening on notes of bergamot, orange, cassis, followed by heart notes of jasmine, muguet and rose. The base notes are vanilla, sandalwood, musk and amber.

The Bling Trend in Parfums in the Fall of 2010

This fall we are seeing a number of references to Bling and the cultural connotations of bling in perfumery. Explicit ones appear with Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling, Jennifer Lopez L.A. Glow., which claims in its ad copy that JLO and Bling cannot be dissociated - "It wouldn't be Glow by JLO without some bling" - and Bling Bling by Revlon.

On a less explicit level, you can certainly consider Lady Million by Paco Rabanne to hit the sweet Bling spot as well with its oversized diamond cocktail ring turned into a bottle of fragrance. Fan di Fendi is also singing the praises of nights of excess and shiny faux, sweaty gold.

Finally, if you're in Paris, you can go see an exhibition at the very serious Musée du Quai Branly from October 5, 2010 and until January 30, 2011 entitled Baba Bling about a Chinese community in South-East Asia known for its taste for lavish ostentation.

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