Karl Lagerfeld Denies Involvement in Fragrance Project Steidl Paper Passion {Fragrance News}


Karl Lagerfeld and a line-up of look-alikes for his new collaboration with Coca-Cola Light -- © Dominique C.

Following the news picked up by several major media outlets starting in Germany, which we relayed early on on the blog that designer Karl Lagerfeld had co-created a perfume reflecting his love of books called Paper Passion, Caroline Fragner the European PR Director for Karl Lagerfeld issued the following statement four days later...


The clarification is made that it is Coty Prestige only which develops any fragrance promoted under the label Karl Lagerfeld.

"Mr Lagerfeld refutes his implication in the launch of the perfume Paper Passion. This project, of which Mr Steidl told him about, only emanate from the art books' publisher himself. Mr Lagerfeld copublishes many books with Mr Steidl but stick to Coty Prestige when it is about his own perfumes' creations."

Steidl has published the majority of the photography books signed by Lagerfeld among which we find Casa Malaparte, Aktstrakt, A Portrait of Dorian Gray, Room Service, Palazzo, Metamorphoses of an American, and The Beauty of Violence.

Sources: Caroline Fragner Sun; Steidl website

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