Michael Boadi to Open The Perfume Lounge in London {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses}

Illuminum_perfume_Lounge.jpgMichael Boadi of perfume brands Boadicea the Victorious and more recently, Illuminum, will open one of the world's largest independent perfumeries in London's Mayfair, reports the Daily Mail. The new place is called The Perfume Lounge; it wants to provide a different perfume experience to customers with an emphasis put on relaxation and perhaps even contemplation. And following an Oriental tradition, a serving of coffee can even be expected...

Plush ottomans are awaiting sitting customers rather than standing ones. The perfumery exudes serenity and airiness.

The overnight success of Illuminum, thanks in particular to White Petals, which was worn by the Duchess of Cambridge on her wedding day, was no doubt an encouragement for the brand. There is the potential for the locale to become somewhat of a tourist point of attraction for Anglophiles and Royalists alike.

It looks like the perfumery will be dedicated to the Illuminum brand, rather than be a multi-brand store.

Celebrity haidresser Michael Boadi has seen global attention tun to his two perfume houses on two separate occasions: when Michelle Obama visited his counter and bought perfumes from his the Bodicea The Victorious brand and Kate Middleton when she decided to become the Duchess of Cambridge while wearing White Petals.

Via Daily Mail

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