Lorenzo Villoresi Theseus Evokes the Myth of the Golden Fleece (2011) {New Fragrance}

Theseus_Villoresi.jpgFlorentine master-perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi composed a new opus called Theseus. Like with other Villoresi's fragrances, the distant, mythological past beckons, anew. Alamut was about an ancient Persian castle and Iperborea retold the myth of the Hyperboreans.

The new perfume is said to evoke travels through unknown territories during the Antiquity in search of legendary lands, the Golden Fleece, mysterious beasts, powerful and awesome. Descriptors used are "elegant, pleasant and timeless, deep, fascinating and velvety, enriched with rare, intense and precious scents forever known and found again at last"....


The fresh and luminous composition opens on top notes of citruses, green and fresh notes, bergamot, black pepper, clary sage, and a nutmeg note with floral nuances. The notes in the heart are flowers, iris and jasmine, woodsy nuances, patchouli, vetiver and cistus. In the base, there are notes of leather, vetiver, patchouli, agar wood, tonka bean, amber and musk.

For now we are invited to imagine, "The perfume of citruses and pepper, of herbs and spices from distant countries, of resins originating from mysterious plants, the fascinating aromas of forgotten woods, of flowers redolent with caressing scents."

Lorenzo Villoresi is a recipient of the François Coty Prize.

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