Lady Gaga on Fame: "Oh you fashion editors I could just crinkle my hands at you!" {Fragrance News} {Celebrity Perfume}

instagr.am_lady_gaga.jpegFollowing the unnoficial internet unveil of the upcoming perfume by Lady Gaga called Fame developed by Coty, Inc, the star, instead of wringing her hands as is usual in this case, had this to say,

"Looks like photos of my perfume are being leaked. Oh you fashion editors I could just crinkle my hands at you"...

fame_bottle_gaga.jpgThen, Gaga decided to auto-leak her own photos on her Twitter account in response to fans in a creative project called "Leaked by Gaga".

She did not go as far as releasing the images from her ad campaign, but being a good sport she participated in the type of photo-shooting that online publishers like to indulge in: no good lighting necessary, but essential is a can-do attitude.

In fact, our view as a blogger is that shabby images are chic on a blog ensuring your medium does not look like a classic magazine spread with its whiff of sleek and all-too-smooth commercialism. Instead, aim for authenticity and do not shy away from blurry images. As long as you put your guts into it. This way, readers will know your photos come from the heart and were left untainted by constraints of PC marketing correctedness. Plus, you are obviously stating that you are not trying to seduce your audience.

lady_gaga_perfume_back.jpgBut back to the Fame perfume at hand; Gaga then proceeds on to lift further up the veil on her debut perfume revealing the notes that compose it. She announced, "Here's what it smells like!"

Perfume notes read as a witche's brew: Tears of Belladonna, Crushed Heart of Tiger Orchid with a Black Veil of Incense, Pulverized Apricot, And the Combination Essences of Saffron and Honey Drops.

The obvious note of provocation here is Belladonna for its poisonous aura. It also would refer to the 19th practice of using Belladonna to dilate pupils by women to enhance their beauty although they knew this to be a dangerous habit, hence one can imagine the "tears of Belladonna" that would roll down from their eyes, a possible allusion also to the use of a note of salty tear as it has been done in the past by Philippe di Méo. Gaga has done googly eyes, and so there would be a connection. She promised in the past that there would be bodily fluid notes, and so here is potentially an extra one besides blood and semen.

When asked by two fans if there would be a masculine version. The singer declared that "My perfume was designed for women, but a lot of my gay friends wear it"

There is a place of creation mentioned for the jus, Haus Laboratories, a branch of Haus of Gaga. She trademarked the name to use it as a label for her perfumes and cosmetics. The outer packaging even insists, "Compounded by Lady Gaga".

And because this is Gaga, there had to be poetry instead of an ordinary technical explanation: "First, of its kind, this perfume is an innovation in fluid technology. It's black like the soul of fame, but invisible once airborne."

Fame, a perfume meditation on fame.

Via Twitter

In the latest news, Gaga is looking forward to wearing a hat made with live cockroaches as a scientific study as shown that her music has the unique ability to make them feel dancey.

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