The Jasmine Green Tea Trend in Perfumes for Spring-Summer 2013 {Trend Alert} {Perfume List}


If you pay attention to fragrant sillages in the streets of your city like I do in Paris, you will perhaps be able to pick up on a trend which I've spotted which says that women - and perhaps men too - desire to wear perfumes with a fresh and delicate note of jasmine tea. If you're feeling this is the answer to your unuttered prayers, here are some suggestions for shopping at the perfume counter. 


Zadig et Voltaire, the French niche fashion label now in the States initially launched a milky debut fragrance Tome 1 La Pureté which I called a "patchoulait" with a note of jasmine tea which has now been spun into two different recent releases for men and women, La Pureté for Her and Him. Both contain that delicate, steam-like note which mimics the sensation of as they clearly put it, "infused jasmine tea"; the men's version is more mineral-y, manliness oblige...


For La Pureté for Him it's as if you needed an accord suggestive of silex cutting from the prehistoric era, in other words, a caveman accord. Fortunately, human evolution has been taken into account in this fragrance, including agriculture, and so that here the scent of struck stone is mixed with petals.


A very refreshing jasminey green tea accord is also part of the composition of Diesel Loverdose in Eau de Toilette concentration, which is also somewhat milky at the same time. Apparently you're encouraged to drink your jasmine tea with milk these days. Do you prefer skim milk, almond milk, soy or rice milk to mellow down your green tea? Rice milk would seem ideal. 


The new Ange ou Démon Le Secret by Givenchy updated in Eau de Toilette concentration preserves its secret, i.e., the jasmine tea accord - and is now fronted by the new face of model Natasha Poly who succeeds Uma Thurman. When the original eau de parfum launched they underlined the fact "that Ange ou Démon Le Secret ...unveils to us its secret : a floral composition with "jasmine tea" accents, delicate and nuanced like an aquarelle. A luminous, crystalline fragrance which is deceptively innocent and sensual"


L'Artisan Parfumeur have had a jasmine tea composition since 1996 accented with lemon and mint in Thé pour un été, a scent they see as the embodiment of a chilled summery long-drink choke full of ice cubes. To enliven it and add layering depth to the fragrance they included a note of green Maté herbal tea. 


Elizabeth Arden yearly green tea flanker is called this year Green Tea Honeysuckle but the jasmine sambac absolute featured in it will make sure that you are bathed and infused in jasmine tea leaves, the clean, American way. 


L'Occitane en Provence promise that their Thé Vert au Jasmin / Green Tea with Jasmine features a high quality jasmine cultivar from the Grasse region. It's another way of saying that that part of the perfume which can be called natural will be natural and not synthetic like green tea accords are usually, but not all jasmine notes are. Since their roots are in the area, you can well imagine that they indeed have good access to the local jasmine gold. 


Finally, if you have some extra time and extra luck, you can try finding the discontinued Murmure by Van Cleef & Arpels, an absolutely ravishing jasmine sambac perfume which is very fresh and aquatic, if not completely tea-like. 

A jasminey green tea perfume is a great way of bringing a personal twist to the Eau de Cologne favorite for summer. It is a calming fragrance, which is associated with moments of relaxation and pleasant tea drinking pauses.  It insures also a note of escapism which is none too obvious, a light sense of exoticism which can be brought to the office without being too much like an advertisement for an international cruise travel. That would be too distractive.


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