Maggikalypse in Cologne {The 5th Sense in the News}


Yesterday, the city of Cologne in Germany awoke to a powerful overcloud of Maggie-scented air. It happens, sometimes - flavor factories leakages - but seemed overwhelming in this case, with the origin unknown at first... 

The German media have been covering the event on the national level dubbing it "Maggikalypse". What is interesting on the longer run is how the factory accident is leading to the popularization of more structured olfaction-oriented reactions and means of communication, including the setting-up of an interactive stink map of Cologne in Google Maps.

You can witness the coming together of tradition and modernity with the birthplace of the Mülhens 4711 Cologne serving as amplified sound chamber to an industrial mishap being relayed by social media and the internet. 

Reactions on Twitter are descriptive and funny. @ArchiveTraining tweets, "We're keeping our windows closed today because Cologne is smelling like marjoram and msg". Some joke it might be guerilla marketing like @bjoernkoff "Ich tippe auf eine Guerilla Marketing Aktion aus Düsseldorf."

You can read more in Bild; via Le Monde

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