Evody to Launch New Collection d'Ailleurs Inspired by Travel Diaries (2014) {New Perfumes}


Travelling With Your Nose


French niche brand Evody est. 2006 in the heart of Paris by co-founders Régine Drouin and Cérine Vasseur - when arty Parisian perfumeries were still few and far between - is preparing to introduce a new collection of three perfumes called Noir d'Orient, D'Âme de Pique and Ombre Fumée...

After the Collection Autobiographique, the Collection d'Ailleurs concentrates on the founders' passion for travelling and their journey women impressions. In so doing, they like to quote world-trekker and author Alexandre Poussin, “Travelling is to give sense to life, Travelling is to give life to senses.” 

Noir d'Orient "was constructed around India’s olfactory richness." 

"Opening up, the incense brings out its serenity. The heart reveals a rain of hot, sensual and intense 

spices as cloves and cinnamon… The soul is both beastly and tender with the mix of notes of wood, brown rum and patchouli. Heady oriental wake."   

D'Âme de Pique is inspired by the Rose Valley in the Atlas region. 

The fragrance "opens up with a green and sparkling note brought by black current leaves and a 

dash of pear. In the heart the rose is honored. The essences are magnified by a syrupy raspberry. 

At the end, the voluptuousness of sandal wood and vanilla which contrasts with the sundried patchouli 

beautify the sensual Queen.

Ombre Fumée is for vetiver lovers and takes inspiration from the Reunion where Bourbon vetiver is cultivated.

"Invigorating Citrus notes from Orange and lemon open up this fragrance. This freshness facet is followed by the softer touch of cypress. Then follows the soft and powdery note of iris betrothed to hot black pepper. The vetiver then becomes obscure. The gloomy Tonka bean is mastered by the ambergris and deer Chord sensuality."

Price: £85 for 50 ml and £120 for 100 ml. 

Via press release 

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