Ordering a Customized Perfume at Stéphanie de Bruijn's {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses}

Custom_perfume_paris.jpg A young French woman called Florence is seen ordering her customized perfume at Stéphanie de Bruijn's Parisian perfumery Parfum sur Mesure...

The video was shot by Cosmopolitan France. What is interesting from a sociological angle is to see how a young woman is expressing her desire to inform her entourage, be it at home or at the office, that she has changed, thanks to the invisible language of perfumery.

So, she doesn't want too much vanilla because it reminds her of her childhood and she is now attracted to woods.

She also doesn't want her perfume to express the fact that she is too easily approachable, that "you can talk easily to her,". She requests standoffishness and mystery.

Perfumer Stéphanie de Bruijn advises amber, an Oriental sillage, a so-called "fur perfume" {See Zibeline by Weil}. Florence visibly falls for Gaiac wood.

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