Serge Lutens Debuts Silk Headscarf Collection Inspired by Russia & Morocco {Fragrance News} {Fashion Notes}

foulard1_constructivisme.png French perfumier Serge Lutens have issued a debut collection of silk scarves starting with two foulards de soie baptized Constructivisme and Signes Berbères. The brand designates the items as "headscarves" preferrably, which might be an acknowledgement that more women today are wearing headscarves for religious reasons, although it's also remained a sartorial choice motivated by personal style...

If there is one element in your wardrobe which lends itself naturally to be part of a perfuming ritual, that would be a silk scarf. It retains scent very well and can be set aside, unlike your own skin.

With this new fashion venture, Lutens, who has worked for Dior and makes frequent references to fashion in his perfume names like for Bas de Soie, reveals some of his artistic inspiration which can be spotted in his photography, or home decoration. The designer is well-known for being a fastidious interior decorator of his own abode in Marrakech.

As usual, the description for the products are elliptical - even cryptic. Each scarf gets showcased in an animation movie. For the scarf paying homage to Russian Constructivism he utters "Square, circle, silk...and me" (Carré, cercle, moi) which displays the typical love of the French for daily puns as well as Lutens's central staging of the self.

foulard2_Signes_Berbères.png Signes Berbères is about "Snake, tortoise, scorpion...for those who love stings on silk" (Serpent, tortue, scorpion... Pour ceux qui aiment les piqûres sur soie.)

Despite the esoteric aspect of the designer's comments, they are light-hearted at the core and do not take their own pronouncements very seriously, other than as playful oracles and suggestions.

Each scarf is priced at 350€.

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