Virgin Le Cuir (2008): Smelling Like You Travel Premium {New Fragrance}



When news reached us that leather goods company Coach were going to release their first fragrance, in September of 2006, we remember making the comment that it would be interesting and unexpected at the same time to see them propose a leather perfume, as the fragrance market seemed not to be very welcoming to those. A logical enough thought, but the brand did not take this route.......

More than a year and a half later, as more leather perfumes have appeared in between in the mainstream market, such as Lancôme CuirDior Eau Sauvage Fraîcheur Cuir, Hermès Kelly Calèche, all indications that the note/accord is getting more popular, we are now seeing airline company Virgin proposing a leather fragrance to entice their passengers to travel posh in their new Premium Economy cabin. The name of the new scent is Le Cuir - The Essence of Premium Air Travel, which Virgin flight attendants tend to pronounce as "Le Cure", which sounds at once more rock 'n roll and health-conscious.

It is meant to evoke the scent of the leather armchairs beckoning you from the Premium cabin,

"Virgin says "the smoky leather aroma invigorates feelings of comfort and style and is the aromatic equivalent to the relaxed feeling of sinking into a posh leather seat."

Olfactory branding overlapping with personal fragrance has been famously done by Hôtel Costes, for example. Santa Maria Novella Nostalgia is inspired by the scent of a car with leather seats. 

Live News reports that it is available for sale.  You can watch a video of the spritzing campaign.

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