Major News from Balenciaga: The Classics Will Be Re-Edited! {Fragrance News} {New Perfume}



After announcing the return of fashion house Balenciaga as a perfume house last fall, it still remained unclear what form the venture would take.

Would Balenciaga simply be used for new creations more adapted to the contemporary market and the new image of the house under Nicolas Ghesquière? Would the brand think it desirable to recreate their prestigious fragrances of the past and decide to delve into their archives?...

As it turns out, Balenciaga S. A. who signed a licensing agreement with Coty S.A. on October 10, 2008 has decided to go both ways. In 2010, there will be both a new fragrance creation and a collection of re-editions of the classics of the perfume house. According to the original phrasing in French, the classics will be reserved for the French market. Ho-Hang, Le Dix are cited as part of an open list of relaunches. Other possible candidates may include: La Fuite des Heures, Quadrille, Cialenga, Michelle,...

As more advanced perfume lovers know, a recreation can attempt to be faithful or just re-use the same name on a perfume bottle housing a different jus (cf. Tropiques de Lancôme). Judging from the dual concept expressed behind the re-opening of the Balenciaga perfume house though, it looks like the two approaches will be kept separate.

The collection of re-issued vintage Balenciaga perfumes will probably look something close to the Givenchy Mythical Perfumes line Les Parfums Mythiques de Givenchy.

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