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Parfums d'amour_Guerlain-A.jpgPerfumer and author Jean-Paul Guerlain although better known for his love of and dedication to perfumery has long confessed his love for literature. The author of a memoir book previously about his travels to uncover essences and rare materials, Les routes de mes parfums (The Paths of my Perfumes) (Editions Le Cherche Midi in 2002), October 2010 will see him unveil a new tome entitled Parfums d'Amour (Perfumes of Love.)

The Guerlain men and noses from the dynasty are famed for seeking inspiration in the love they feel for their wives and the women of the family. Jean-Paul Guerlain has said on numerous occasions and consistently that what he has added to the mix after heeding the advice of his grand-father Jacques Guerlain, the creator of Shalimar among others, is his belief that you can create fragrances for women you admire as well...

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Parfums d'Amour like Les Routes de mes parfums intertwines travel reminiscences and insights into perfume creation but with perhaps more insistence on amorous encounters and inspiration. Jean-Paul Guerlain says that for him, love is the ever elusive subject which no creation can ever truly hope to encompass.

Guerlain aficionados will be delighted to learn that this will be an unique opportunity to uncover "secrets" behind the creations of Samsara, Spiritueuse Double Vanille (see also interview with Sylvaine Delacourte and Pierre Hermé), Nuit d'Amour, Cherry Blossom, Habit Rouge, Vetiver and Vetiver pour Elle (see also comparative review).

The book is contained in a luxurious coffret which comes with a 15 ml purse spray of Spiritueuse Double Vanille Eau de Parfum. Illustrations are signed by Marc Lacaze, who continues his collaboration with Jean-Paul Guerlain after Les routes de mes parfums.

Although the press release only mentions a coffret edition (58€), lists a paperback edition (15,20€) as well.

The book will debut first in the Guerlain boutiques in Paris on October 1st, 2010. A wider roll-out will take place from October 21, 2010, including in Belgium, Switzerland and Canada.  

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  1. Marie,

    Do yo know if any store is already carrying the coffret version?

    Henrique Brito

    • Not to my knowledge -- I didn't notice anything in one Guerlain boutique I looked at the other day. I think it will be out as indicated on October 1st.

      Will report back as I enjoyed Les routes de mes parfums very much.

      Chant Wagner

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