Hermès Un Jardin sur le Toit (2011): From le Miel Béton to a Paris Roof Garden Perfume {New Fragrance}


This spring of 2011, Hermès will launch a fourth fragrance in their Garden perfume series. It is called Un Jardin sur le Toit (A Garden on a Rooftop.) It follows Un Jardin en Méditerrannée, Un Jardin sur Le Nil and Un Jardin Après La Mousson, which were all playing the card of a certain exoticism. This time, it's back to Paris, we can assume.

It reminds me of this nature-in-the-city trend and in particular, a foody trend that saw the developments of honey harvested on top of roofs in Paris or so-called Miel Béton (Concrete Honey), including on the top of the Opéra Garnier. Vogue UK did say that they were invited to cook at the launch of the perfume...


But also last year, the Champs Elysées turned into a vast portion of natural eco-habitat for Paris Nature Capitale. It was fun to see movie theaters visually emerging from behind high groves.

It is all a little bit in the air du temps. In perfumery at large, Histoire d'Empire explored the concept with Yuzu Fou inspired by the suspended gardens of Tokyo. Bond No. 9 came up with High Line as well for some concrete-and-flower association.

Un Jardin sur le Toit is reportedly a green perfume composition with notes of pear and apple as well as tea rose. It sounds like it is a perfume in the very fresh manner of perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. It also looks like he is further exploring notes already showcased by him in some of his other fragrances. Pamplemousse Rose comes to mind, but then also his other rose fragrances: Rose Ikebana and Rose Poivrée. Apple was featured in Ambre Narguilé. The fact that apples and pears were stewed into a compote by journalists might or might not indicate that it will go in the direction of a cooked fruit note.

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