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The Royal Society of Chemistry of Great-Britain announced that they have dedicated an unique composition of perfume to Elizabeth II to fete her Diamond Jubilee. To make sure that the fragrance would hold particular olfactory meaning, they incorporated essences from the four corners of the Commonwealth like "Indian black pepper, Jamaican pimento leaf and Sri Lankan cinnamon leaf oils..."...

 At the same time, the structure of the perfume is said not to be outlandish since it references back to familiar perfume forms at the time of the coronation of the queen. It is described as "a beautiful green floral fragrance in a classical style with subtle modern twists", which made us think of the opus that Penhaligon's did for the Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth II in 1977, re-released in 2010 called Jubilee Bouquet. It is also a green floral, but in the style of a later decade. 

Only the queen is meant to wear this perfume which has been named Adamas, from the Greek meaning diamonds. Its creation was overseen by perfumer Angela Stavevskra of CPL Aromas. The flacon is made of recycled Dartington crystal. 

The full description of the perfume gives a little bit more precise idea about how the fragrance might smell. Apparently, and because they could, top-quality ingredients were sought out for an unique patron. 

Olfactory Pyramid: "The blooming bouquet at the heart of the fragrance combines the freshness of lily-of-the-valley with classic touches of rose, Indian jasmine oil and heady, exotic Indian tuberose oil. Warmth at the heart is provided by a subtle spice accord of Indian black pepper, Jamaican pimento leaf and Sri Lankan cinnamon leaf oils whilst the enveloping base combines sweet amber, Australian sandalwood oil and tonka bean with clean vetiver, musks and patchouli."

Perhaps, we might be able to smell it at an olfactory exhibit one day? It would make sense for the people to want to know how the Commonwealth smells like. 

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Other perfumes released on the occasion of the queen's diamond jubilee are: Floris Royal Arms , also a floral, and Yardley Royal Diamond.

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