Simply Spring IX - Bird & Flower Live Mosaic {Paris Photo}


Bird & Flower Live Mosaic © 2015 Chantal-Hélène Wagner

This picture I took last week. I liked the way in which the richness of the bird, flower - and to some extent people - shapes, forms a colorful mosaic...

I remember as a toddler being absolutely fascinated by a construction pile of tiny, glazed square ceramic mosaics available in a rainbow of colors. I loved their texture and the bejeweled quality of their hues. The workers had left a sizeable pile at the back of our house. I would spend eons of time just looking at them and playing with them letting them drip through my fingers or simply picking one gem out of the mound, being completely under the spell of their colors and shapes. I remember feeling infinitely fascinated by them.

I realized after taking this photo that this deep-seated visual and existential experience surfaced right there and then. I have an almost unconscious appreciation for colorful mosaic-like shapes wherever they can be found, or guessed at.

I'm pretty sure that if a fragrance composition were structured like a mosaic, I would pick on that too. And in fact, I remember one more thing now, and it is the fact that my first fragrance review on Makeup Alley ca. 2005 was of Jicky by Guerlain comparing it to a Byzantine mosaic. This led to encouragements from fellow fragrance lovers to write more about perfume, which I did. So, thank you mosaics!


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