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Elizabeth_Taylor_White_Diamonds.jpgBusiness magazine Forbes says that celebrity fragrance still makes for good-business sense these days. Here is a list of the top ten best-selling charismatic juices of last year, with a few ties. White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor remains on the Mount Everest of sales while some newcomers surprise. Although I reviewed NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker, I did not expect it to come fourth place. Who knew strawberry could be so attractive? At least the olfactory message is easy to remember...


The numbers were crunched down by Euromonitor International. The list for 2010 shows some repeats from the same sourced list in 2008. The business volume of celebrity fragrance in the US today is $215 million. Although Forbes is not completely specific about it, this list is about the American market. Since celebrity fragrance is mostly a mass-market affair, it holds huge potential in other populous international markets such as China, Brazil, India, Russia, but we are not privy to those numbers. Also, American show-business remains highly exportable and therefore can hold its ground in foreign markets.

Top Ten Best-Selling Celebrity Fragrances in 2010 in the USA

1 - White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor (Elizabeth Arden) grossed $54 miilion.

2 - Driven by Derek Jeter (Avon) -- the point is made here that it's mostly women who purchase masculine celebrity fragrances for their men. They spent $27 million for the dream of having their better-halves smell more like Jeter.

3 - Heat by Beyoncé. Two flankers have already followed up on the fairly recent launch of this new contender, Heat Ultimate Elixir and Heat Rush. A 2010 newbie, it's earned $21 million.

The fourth spot is crowded as four perfumes deserve the ranking, each with about $18 million in sales:

4 - Unforgivable for Men by Sean John P Diddy

4 - Fancy by Jessica Simpson

4 - SJP NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker

4 - Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani

5 - Usher for Men ($16 million)

6 - Glow by Jennifer Lopez ($12 million) -- this is a trend-setting celebrity fragrance in terms of success. It's helped give impetus to the whole field since 2002.

6 - In Bloom by Reese Whitherspoon ($12 million) -- Avon and Reese Witherspoon have launched a trio of scents this year to fete those encouraging figures, Expressions.

Read more at Forbes: Top-Selling Celebrity Fragrances

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