Smell-The-Roses-Till-Valentine's Day Challenge {Fragrance News} {Notebook: Rose}


Note: The Rose Challenge becomes a permanent feature as the Rose Notebook. 

Dear Readers,

We are announcing a challenge for the next few weeks, the Smell-The-Roses-Till-Valentine's Day Challenge. Until Valentine's Day, we will cover a rose scent or edible or rose-related topic a day. Rose remains the "queen of flowers" and is one of the most popular floral perfume categories that exist. We want to celebrate its beauty and track down its most discussion-worthy incarnations. Hopefully in doing this, we can help you choose the perfect rose to offer as a gift on Valentine's Day or just invite you to dream about the beauty of roses! There will be feminine roses, masculine roses, roses to drink and roses to eat, pourquoi pas?

See you soon,

Roses, Roses, Roses, Roses.... 

Day 1: Comme Des Garçons Red Series: Rose (2001)

Day 2: Penhaligon's Hamman Bouquet (1872)/(2003)

Day 3: Isabel Derroisné Rose Divine (2006).....

Day 4: Pacifica Persian Rose Candle

Day 5: Harney & Sons Valentine's Tea Blend

Day 6: Aroma M Geisha Nobara-Cha (1997)

Day 7: L'Artisan Parfumeur Voleur De Roses (1993) 

Day 8: Emporio Armani Diamonds (2007)

Day 9: Jean-Charles Brosseau Fleurs D'Ombre: Rose (2006)

Day 10: Yves Rocher Rose Ispahan

Day 11: Serge Lutens Sa Majesté La Rose (2000)

Day 12: Caswell- Massey Dr. Hunter's Rosewater & Glycerine Hand Creme

Day 13: Cacharel Amor Pour Homme (2006)

Day 14: ---

Day 15: ---

Day 16: ---

Day 17: Les Parfums de Rosine Rose Kashmirie (2007)

Day 18: S-Perfume 100% Love, 100% Love (More) (2003)

Day 19: Torrente L'Or (2001)

Day 20: Of Gabrielle Coco Chanel & Roses: Chanel No. 5 As The Anti-Rose Scent

Day 21: Tocca Laundry Delicate Florence, Orris Rose Fine Fabric Wash

Day 22: Marcel Rochas La Rose Eau de Jeunesse (1949): A Little Known Rose Perfume 

Day 23: Jo Malone Red Roses (1996) 

Day 24:---

Day 25:---

Day 26: Caron Aimez-Moi (1996) + N'Aimez Que Moi (1917)

Day 27: Grès Cabaret (2002)

Henceforth the Smell-The-Roses Challenge becomes the Rose Notebook. 


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