New & Upcoming Perfume Launches for Fall/Winter 2009 & Beyond {Fragrance News}

Baudelaire by Nadar, 1855

Here are some upcoming and recently released fragrances not mentioned previously on the blog. For more details, you can go to the index of new perfumes for 2009 which is listed alphabetically by perfume brand.

Berdoues, the specialist of the violet from Toulouse, have released two new flankers: an extrait or pure parfum and a richer and deeper version called Violette Divine. The first one is housed in an amphora-shaped flacon with a topper reminiscent of a drop and the second one comes in the usual retro atomizer bottle. I only had a quick sniff of the latter but came away with the impression of a dark fruity violet. Their perfumes tend to be better the more concentrated they are.

Byredo after launching already two perfume portraits this year, one inspired by Josephine Baker, Bal d'Afrique,  and the other, Blanche, by an unnamed personal acquaintance will issue a new fragrance this fall continuing to take the route of personality referencing with a perfume inspired by a founding father of olfactory musings, Baudelaire. The scent is simply called Baudelaire and will be found at Barney's in the US...

• Actress Pamela Anderson has two fragrances coming up with Malibu Blue for the day and Malibu Night. In 2010, there will also be a Malibu for Men. She has been reportedly a hands-on overseer of her own line devoting much time and energy to it. A line of makeup is also in the works.

Eau d'Italie Le Sirenuse is preparing to release a floral fragrance in the spring of 2010.

hypnotic-poison-extrait.jpgDior has issued two new flankers to Hypnotic Poison. A collector edition decorated with a ruby necklace called Collector Rubis and an Extrait de Parfum. The latter has an added floral facet.

Dior is very active this fall with their reworkings of their classics going in the direction of more intensity, including Fahrenheit Absolute and the upcoming Diorissimo Eau de Parfum. 

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