LIQUIDES, a New Parisian Perfume Concept-Store {Fragrance News} {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses}


Paris is consolidating its status as one of the world capitals of perfumery. In the last few years, a number of new, state-of-the-art fragrance haunts have opened in the favorite travel destination creating a new olfactory map for perfume aficionados...

The arty and historical Marais neighborhood in particular, which offers a vista onto 17th century Paris, has become a destination of choice for niche fragrance connoisseurs. 

Liquides (Liquids) is the new concept-store address to jot down in your notebook for your shopping needs alongside those of Colette, L'Eclaireur, Jovoy Haute Parfumerie, Nose and several more others.

The new place, to open mid-April 2013, was founded by David Frossart of Différentes Latitudes, a consulting and distributing group for fragrances since 2005. The idea behind the new stop is to create a perfume-bar experience, inspired in part it would seem by Luckyscent Scent Bar in Los Angeles.  

Brands that will be carried by Liquides are said to be Byredo, Miller Harris, Odin, Frapin, Arquiste, Jardin de France, La Manufacture des Châteaux, Pour Toujours, Olfactive Studio, or "Liquides" the collection created by Philippe Di Méo, whose forerunner was (My) LIQUID in 2005. An e-shop is said to be on the horizon.

Address: 9, rue de Normandie, 75003.


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