Simply Spring XII - Picnic & Concert on the Lawn in Cambridge, MA {Paris Photo}


Picnic & Concert on the Lawn in Cambridge, MA I © Chantal-Hélène Wagner

These are two pictures I took of a student concert at Lowell House, Harvard University in Cambridge, Ma several years ago. The fuzzy, radiant texture of the photos is due to the fact that I photographed the scenes from behind a mosquito screen...

The atmosphere radiates springtime energy and carefree spirit.

As I look back from Paris at these photographs I am struck by their luminosity and what unique moments of fellowship they represent. Those ideal moments never happen better perhaps than on a university campus when eveything seems possible and you are in conversation with the higher spirits of knowledge and creation.


Picnic & Concert on the Lawn in Cambridge, MA © Chantal-Hélène Wagner

Although there are hints of reality - parenthood, old age, and the lack of chairs - everything and everybody seem nimbed in music - Tchaikovsky 1812 - good spirits and the beautiful light of Boston and New England.

The scent I retrospectively best associate with this event? Gap Grass.


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