Hacking It - Le système D - 130 Street Photographies after the Paris Attacks {Paris Street Photo}


Hacking It - Le système D - 18/130 © 2015 CHANT WAGNER

Around November 27, 2015, the date of the official state commemoration dedicated to the memory of the 130 victims of the Paris Attacks, the French government asked its citizens to think about decking their windows with the French flag. And while one could notice already back on Bastille Day 2015 that the tricolor flag could be spotted dressing some balconies - a rare sight - not everyone had a French flag handy even if they were willing to deck their buildings with it...

This photo shows that the System D - Le système D in French - is well and alive. It's allowed the French to survive during the occupation of their country during WWII.

That spirit could be seen at work once more last November when duct tapes of the requisite colors, blue, white and red were used in lieu of flags, together with that new shade of black, which was spontaneously used to symbolize the sadness and mourning of Parisians.

This photo is part of a series capturing the atmosphere of Paris after 11/13 in 130 pictures, one each day for each of the 130 Paris Attack victims.


Habit Rouge Impression - Une Impression d'Habit Rouge - 17/130

Recueillement - Meditation - 16/130

Saving Memorial Art from the Rain - Sauver un art de la mémoire de la pluie - 15/130

A Month Later - Un mois plus tard - 14/130

December 13, 2015 - Le 13 décembre 2015 - 13/130

Quentin Mourier, 29 ans - Quentin Mourier - 29 years old - 12/130

I Love You - M - Je t'aime, M - 11/130

Game Over: Culture Shock - Fin de partie : le choc culturel - 10/130

The Blood of the Republic was Shed - Le sang de la République a été versé - 9/130

Under Shock - Sous Le Choc - 8/130

Bullet Holes at the Laundromat - Impacts de balles au Lavratonic - 7/130

A La Bonne Bière Reopens: Shades of Emotions - Une Palette d'Emotions - 6/130

Peaceful Day at République - Jour Paisible à République - 5/130

Eagles of Death Metal - Still up on the Marquee II - Les Eagles of Death Metal sont toujours là-haut sur la marquise II - 4/130

Eagles of Death Metal - Still up on the Marquee - Les Eagles of Death Metal sont toujours là-haut sur la marquise - 3/130

Woman with a Tricolor Turban - La femme au turban tricolore - 2/130

Down Rue de Charonne - En bas de la rue de Charonne - 1/130

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