Have Heart - Courage - 130 Street Photographies after the Paris Attacks {Paris Street Photo}

Courage.jpg Have Heart, November 2015 - Courage, novembre 2015 - 33/130 © 2015 CHANT WAGNER

130 Street Photographies after the Paris Attacks - 130 photographies de rue, après les attentats de Paris - In Memoriam

When looking at this picture, you can't help but think in particular about what might be going through the mind of a mother whose religious confession is Islam. For her, everything she loves is more likely to be turned into a message of prejudice, hatred, even destruction. You can wonder what if if were a Christian mother, a believer, seeing her religion and potentially her children be manipulated into turning into death mercenaries? It is heartbreaking from all points of views. For the innocent victims, for the attackers who are fooled into thinking they're acting in the name of religion, for the state of humanity in general who can see religion used for political aims...

Yet, when you look at expressions on people's faces and their body language, you can see that they are fundamentally the same whatever their creed, religion or economic or cultural circumstances which helped shape them. When it comes down to human values, we're all the same. Some people lose sight of the fact that in pursuing what they think is good, they are wronging other people and/or themselves.

This photo is part of a series capturing the atmosphere of Paris after 11/13 in 130 pictures, one each day for each of the 130 Paris Attack victims.


A New Pilgrimage Map is Born - Une nouvelle carte de pèlerinage est née - 32/130

Fire with Humor - Combattre le feu par l'humour - 31/130

Looking Back Towards the Future of the Past - Regarder vers le futur du passé - 30/130

Fluctuat Nec Mergitur Is Still Around - Fluctuat Nec Mergitur perdure - 29/130

Bleu, Blanc, Rouge at Polly Maggoo's - Du bleu, du blanc et du rouge au balcon du Polly Maggoo - 28/130

Shining the Light on November 13 - Projeter la lumière sur le 13 novembre - 27/130

Strange Goings Around a Carousel - Etrange manège le soir du réveillon de Noël - 26/130

The New In Colors - Le tricolore revient en vogue - 25/130

Drawing Resilience with Tealights - Dessiner la résilience avec des bougies - 24/130

Fascination - 23/130

Everything Happened, Nothing Happened - Tout est arrivé, rien n'est arrivé - 22/130

Patriotic Street Art - Un art des rues patriotique - 21/130

Keeping Emergency Services in a Central Paris Hospital - Maintien des urgences à l'Hôtel-Dieu - 20/130

Semiotics of Insult - La sémiotique de l'insulte - 19/130

Hacking It - Le système D - 18/130

Habit Rouge Impression - Une Impression d'Habit Rouge - 17/130

Recueillement - Meditation - 16/130

Saving Memorial Art from the Rain - Sauver un art de la mémoire de la pluie - 15/130

A Month Later - Un mois plus tard - 14/130

December 13, 2015 - Le 13 décembre 2015 - 13/130

Quentin Mourier, 29 ans - Quentin Mourier - 29 years old - 12/130

I Love You - M - Je t'aime, M - 11/130

Game Over: Culture Shock - Fin de partie : le choc culturel - 10/130

The Blood of the Republic was Shed - Le sang de la République a été versé - 9/130

Under Shock - Sous Le Choc - 8/130

Bullet Holes at the Laundromat - Impacts de balles au Lavratonic - 7/130

A La Bonne Bière Reopens: Shades of Emotions - Une Palette d'Emotions - 6/130

Peaceful Day at République - Jour Paisible à République - 5/130

Eagles of Death Metal - Still up on the Marquee II - Les Eagles of Death Metal sont toujours là-haut sur la marquise II - 4/130

Eagles of Death Metal - Still up on the Marquee - Les Eagles of Death Metal sont toujours là-haut sur la marquise - 3/130

Woman with a Tricolor Turban - La femme au turban tricolore - 2/130

Down Rue de Charonne - En bas de la rue de Charonne - 1/130

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